Open Access

You have the option to publish open access in this journal via the Taylor & Francis Open Select publishing program.

Publishing open access means that your article will be free to access online immediately on publication, increasing the visibility, readership and impact of your research. Articles published Open Select with Taylor & Francis typically receive 95% more citations* and over 7 times as many downloads** compared to those that are not published Open Select.

Your research funder or your institution may require you to publish your article open access. 

You will be asked to pay an article publishing charge (APC) to make your article open access, and this cost can often be covered by your institution or funder. Use the T&F APC Finder to view the current APC for the Journal of Urban Affairs (JUA).

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*Citations received up to 9th June 2021 for articles published in 2016-2020 in journals listed in Web of Science®. Data obtained on 9th June 2021, from Digital Science’s Dimensions platform, available at

**Usage in 2018-2020 for articles published in 2016-2020.